Sobrassada - Cal Rovira


Sobrassada - Cal Rovira

Unit 400 grs. aprox.

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Cal Rovira of Sagàs (Berguedà) has a way of life: philosophy of producing according to traditional craft forms and control all production processes.

Barley, corn, soybean, pea and soybean oil are the staple diet of pigs. An important part of cereals (barley, corn ...), come from their own farm and will later be converted into animal feed at the mill in the farm.

The feedstuff is grinded with their own home mill, which is essential to give priority to quality in order to provide food with a clear target: to breed healthy well-balanced animals with a good potential tasty value.


Pieces of shoulder, belly pork, pork fat, natural gut casing and red sweet pepper.

All the ingredients are finely minced, spices are added and they are all mixed until a homogenous paste is formed. The mixture is stuffed into gut casings made up of pork’s belly or with flat shaped gut casings. It is cured for a minimum of three months, which guarantees a very intensive taste but, at the same, elegant and not hidden by the spices.